FRCPath Part 1 Histopathology

currencies 5500.00
Expiry : 190 Days
Exams : Test 13 Head & Neck | Test 1 Breast | Test 10 Bone & Soft tissue | Test 11 Lymphoreticular system | Test 12 Neuropathology | Test 14 G.Path/Autopsy/Clinical Governance | Test 2 Urinary System | Test 3 Male Genital Tract | Test 4 GIT | Test 5 Thoracic pathology | Test 6 CVS | Test 7 FGT | Test 8 Endocrine Pathology | Test 9 Dermatopathology |

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Course validity: Till Autumn 2024 FRCPath histopathology part 1 examination.

Price: 5500 INR (55£)
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Test Schedule for Autumn 2024

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